Knoke & Kind Law Office has developed a significant personal injury practice. In addition to providing services to clients injured in automobile and motorcycle collisions they have handled an extensive array of cases including dog bites, slip and fall injuries in parking lots, restaurants and other public places, wrongful death cases, damages sustained by victims of assault and battery, fire claims, injury to minors resulting from neglect and student injuries at schools, product safety injuries and injuries from landlord's failure to maintain rental properties. Our office has obtained significant results for individuals who were turned down by other law firms based upon questionable liability and concern regarding the amount of damages.


Knoke & Kind Law Office has handled cases resulting in recoveries for clients totaling in excess of $10 million in the last 10 years. The amount of damages recovered for clients' range from $700.00 - $950,000.00.


  • Attorney Knoke's practice is largely devoted to recovery for injured parties. His experience in the area started when assisting soldiers with claims for injuries off post while a member of the Judge Advocate General Corp. He advanced his knowledge and skills of the claims process and court process while formerly doing defense work on personal injury cases on behalf of General Casualty Insurance Company (1974-1980) but has limited his practice in the last 40 years to plaintiffs' injuries.
  • Attorney Peter Kind, since joining Knoke, Ingebritsen & Kind Law Offices has handled several significant injury cases on behalf of his growing client base.


Two cases resolved during 2020 generated outstanding results for our clients:

  • Client’s home was damaged by a hailstorm.  The damages totaled $75,000.00.  The insurance company denied the claim for damages.  After significant litigation, initially in the State Court System and later in the Federal Court System, the insurance company agreed to pay:  $260,000.00 to our client.  The amount recovered in excess of $75,000.00 was based upon a claim of bad faith which led to the insurance carrier paying us nearly of the client’s attorneys fees and costs.
  • A second case was a lawsuit for injuries sustained by a client when the airbag in his vehicle was activated and parts of the airbag system projected metal particles into the client’s face and neck.  A suit, in conjunction with the law firm in Chicago, was brought against the vehicle manufacturer as well as the airbag manufacturer.  The Client received a total recovery from the Defendant’s in the amount of $907,675.00.


Several cases handled within the last ten years point out the firm's willingness to take on challenges turned down by other law offices:

  • A gentleman slipped on an ice accumulation while leaving a restaurant and fractured his hip. This case was rejected by another law office. Our firm recovered $440,000.00 for this client.
  • A young mother was seriously injured in a head on auto collision. The state patrol conducted an onsite investigation and issued a report concluding our client was operating left of center. Three law firms that advertise on local television channels declined representation.
    Working with an accident reconstruction engineer, our firm was able to raise doubt as to the accuracy of the State Patrol report and recovered a settlement for the client of $250,000.00.
  • Another case involved a computer technician leaving his work place on a motorcycle. At a stop sign, the car operating behind the motorcyclist struck the motorcycle knocking our client to the pavement.  This client previously treated for shoulder problems; however, the client's previous shoulder surgeon would not support the cause and effect relationship of the motorcycle/auto collision.
    Our firm, as a result of a wide array of contact with health care professionals, contacted an orthopedic surgeon at UW Hospital and Clinics who specializes in shoulder/rotator cuff injuries. This doctor performed follow up surgery with our client and we were able to obtain recovery for this gentleman in the amount of $100,000.00. This gentleman had retained a local law firm and came to our office 5 days before the statute of limitation was to expire (3 years in Wisconsin). Our office quickly filed a lawsuit for this client or he would have received nothing.